Generador de gas natural y leña

Generador eléctrico: Kilo
Método de extracción: Inhalación natural
Abrir ruta X (MM): 80 x 90
Dispositivo de cilindro: Cuatro litros.

Gas Natural Power Generator

Especificaciones: (15 KVA - 38kva)

Unidad motriz
PE PE PE Plan de necesidades Consumo
(K / kWh)
Diámetro X

Chiva. Kilovatio Chiva. Kilovatio

Kg 15 n 17 13 15 12 = 1 Respiración natural 80 x 90 Yd4m1d (480)
Kg 19n 21 17 19 15 = 1 Respiración natural 90 x 100 Yd4b1d (490)
Kg 25N 28 22 25 20 = 1 Respiración natural 93 x 100 Yd4l1d (493)
Kg 38n 41 33 38 30 = 1 Respiración natural 102x118. Yd4d1 (4102)

Although some zone 2 generator are built to run strictly on natural gas, many are able to utilize either natural gas or propane, or even diesel and gasoline, as well. These are called dual-fuel or tri-fuel generators. Blackouts, especially long blackouts, will require your generator to run longer. Generally, the life of standby generators is 20-40 years, depending on their operating frequency and maintenance. The safest and easiest way to convert liquid propane grids to natural gas is to use the conversion kits provided by the manufacturer. Some liquid propane gratings are equipped with necessary orifice plates for use with natural gas. The existing liquid propane gas hose and regulator must be removed from the grille. Generator radiator and ac alternator also popular to overseas market.

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